When It's Time for you to Speak in Public. It's time for Laskin Media

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Introducing ExecuSpeech!

ExecuSpeech is designed exclusively
for high-level executives and others
who are in the public eye and need
to deliver a keynote address, make
a critical appearance, appear at a shareholder meeting or accept a
major Award.
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Since 1992, Laskin Media Inc., an Award-winning communication training company, has helped thousands of people overcome their anxiety, present themselves properly and speak with self-assurance and effectiveness in public.

Our custom-designed, interactive programs, based on the real-life media experiences of the company’s founder, have successfully prepared people for any public speaking challenge. And if you’re prepared, you’re not going to fail. In fact, the key to successful public communication is preparation, especially the RIGHT kind of preparation.

Laskin Media’s strategy is to work one-on-one or in small groups for maximum impact and results. Our workshops encourage both interaction and experimentation. By the time the workshops are completed, participants know how to communicate their message with polish, poise and power. Learn more about our programs »

Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 100 company who has to give a keynote address, a project manager who has to talk to “the troops”, an actor who has to give an acceptance speech, an athlete who has to face reporters after a heartbreaking loss, or a company President discussing lower-than-expected earnings with a business reporter—these are real-life situations that Laskin Media can help you with, because we have already successfully handled events like these for our clients. We know that few are immune to the fear of speaking in public. And we can assure you that no company is better qualified to help people overcome the challenge than Laskin Media.


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